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   In 1995 I bought a new Johnson 48SPL motor.  Recently I have had a water flow problem.  Water was coming out of the Water Pump indicator hose just fine.  I was working on the  motor installing new spark plugs and during the process cranking the motor several times I noticed a spurting and weak flow of water that eventually stopped all together.  I was using a foot flushing tool hooked up to my garden water hose.

   I removed the thermostat cover and decided to remove the thermostat and reinstall the thermostat cover to see if the thremostat was the problem.  Immediately I got water flow.  Again it became a spurting and was a weak stream of water that finally stopped.

   Recently the motor has been run in some muddy conditions in shallow water.  I suppect that the water path is clogged with mud.  Is that a reasonable thought?   How does one flush the water path?



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Hello I would try running with thermost cover removed to ckeck for debris and good water flow. If flow is weak replace water pump and flush water tube with lower unit off. any questions call 631-514-1525

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