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Since spring 2006 most states have switched to gas/fuel blends with Ethanol (alcohol).  This replaced MTBE for oxygenation. (environmental/health reasons).


The aircraft industry has always banned alcohol/ethanol in fuel due to the dangers - The farming industry (gas run equipment) is exempt from using ethanol fuels - protects them from prematurely needing to replace their equipment.


The effect of the current ethanol fuel blend - Could spell DISASTER for your outboard engine!


Briefly, ethanol's adverse effects to outboard motors include stalling, all types of performance issues, deterioration of engine parts, rusting, clogging of fuel filters and carburetor jets, contamination of the fuel system, deterioration of plastic/rubber/fiberglass parts, release of gunk and sludge throughout the engine and eventually engine death...
"Fiberglass" gas tanks MUST be replaced...more info...


There's some simple ways to protect your engine (replace gas often)...

Or better yet - Test your fuel for percent of ethanol before putting it in your tank...The Best way to avoid unnecessary repairs is, if possible, find a supplier who sells Fuel WITHOUT ETHANOL.


Outboard manufacturers agree that using over 10% ethanol in fuel for your engine is dangerous.

Some outboard companies (EG. Mercury) WARN against using ANY alcohol at all in your outboard engine...



Contact The Outboard Wizard for a simple, small and inexpensive "Fuel Test Kit" to check for ethanol % at the pump.



Contact your politicians too, and demand they lobby against ethanol alcohol-blend gas at the pumps- 

Can damage all your engines, including lawnmowers, cars, etc...


BTW, the newer engines EG. E-Tec were designed to tolerate ethanol, but when gas is bad (excess ethanol or water contamination) even the best engines will experience big problems/damage.


 Check manufacturer fuel recommendations here or in your outboard manual.



Check out detailed article on my website (includes info sources) and check back soon for some important updates/info.


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