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I have a Jonhson 40hp 1996 model
I want to use the vro pumb only with mixed gas with oil
I had read I have to disconnect the cables for the alarm leds, disconnect and close the oil supply, and mix the gas with 1% oil
1) Is that correct?
2) Will the vro pump work ok with no oil sypply, or it will blow out? because the service men in Greece say that the vro pump will fail because the pump was lubricated with the oil supply, and they must put a gas only pump to do the job

Is this correct or they lie?
Do you suggest to do that or leave vro as it is?

Thanks in advance
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I've been running my engine with the VRO and the oil disconnected mixing the oil in the tank for six years now and have never had a problem!

Did it ruin the oil pump in the VRO? I have no idea but I could care less as I never plan to use it again anyway.   Mike
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Hi my friend
Thanks for the answer
What mix do you put 1% or 2% oil in the gas?

It suppose that the vro pump is pump that pumps oil with gas, so without the oil supply the pump will stop working at all and the engine will stop working
Another question, the place that the oil tube gets in the engine, you disconnected the tube and you closed the hole ? please expain to me with a little detail


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We don't measure it that way here.  Since you are metric and we are SAE it's hard for me to tell you in metric terms.  The best I can tell you is the ratio is 50:1.  That's fifty parts gas to one part oil.

The pump will not stop pumping gas because the oil is disconnected.  The oil pump and gas pump are two seperate pumps.  Besides there will already be oil in the gas because you put it in the tank

You should plug the tube at the engine so that no dirt can get in.  I hope this helps.    Mike
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Hi all again
I am coming to tell you what I have done after all your advices

I changed fuel line from the tank, changed spark plugs, changed all fuel lines in the motor, cleaned the carbs ( there was ok I found no problem) disabled VRO disconnected oil line, closed the line, disconected the cables from the vro and from the tank, and I mixed the gas with oil 50:1
Checked everything, no leaks of fuel.

I checked the motor out of the water in a barrel it was all ok.
then I put the boat in the sea.

The problem still exist but a little different
In idle the motor sounds ok, my boat is 4 meters with 2 persons in when I was putting the throttle at full position the boat was almost at once inreasing speed until 4500 rpm ( 25-28 miles speed )
Now it seams that it has not the power that used to had, it makes more time to increase speed, and the sound it is not continious the same, it seems that the rpm are not stable, ( It is not very easy to discribe and my English are not so good ), when I press the choke the motor getting better and the rpm are rising, All this time I press the tanks primer bulb and it is firm meaning the carbs are full of fuel.
The engine is not stopping I can use it, but I remember that the throttle after the middle, it was giving the motor a lot of power and now is not.
How can I check if a cylinder is not working ok, or a carb is not working ok, can I do anything? ( Perhaps half of the engine is not working ok, I don't know )
When I disconnect one spark plug what it will happen?
Is there a possibility that it is electonic ignition problem?
Do you have an idea how I check all these out of the water?

I dont know what is going on I have cleaned the carbs, I disabled the vro ( I was shure that it was vro problem but it wasn't ).

I don't know where to look and search, and the problem is that when I have the boat out of the water at my house, I cannot check this because it must have load and put the throtlle to full to check.....

Another question, inside the motor the plastic part that is mooving from the throttle on the console , mooves the flaps of the carbs ( if i say correctly ) and also some joints that goes on the upper part of the engine, ( under the spinning part )what are they doing?
Is there advance in this engine can I regulate something else?( I don't know the terms to descibe )

I hope you had understand me, sorry for my English

Thank you in advance
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You can do a compression test on the cylinders to see if you have any damage to either one.  It should be 100 pounds or better( I don't know what that is in metric).  Most important is they are even.

There is no way to check it in a tank or barrel at full throttle with out a test prop.

If it raises in RPM's when you use the choke it really sounds as if there is still something wrong with the carbs.
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