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I bought a reman powerhead for my 2001 J150VLSI outboard.  Unfortunately, the one the guy sent is not the correct one.  It is very close in that the carbs, etc all moved over no problem, but there were many minor differences in the two blocks.  I was able to adapt everything except that this block has a different motor mount setup in which my mounts won't work.  The guy has turned out to be completely useless and refuses to accept he sent the wrong part or do anything about it.  He says all of the V6 60 deg were the same.

Since OMC changed the mounts for 2001, I figured the previous rev (mount part number 436853) would work, but they don't fit either.  Since everything moved over OK, I cannot imagine this block is that old, but I cannot seem to cross ref the numbers on the block.  Below are the part numbers that show on the block:

  • G2618109 which is on what appears to be a casting plug on the rear of the block
  • 335955 which is on the crank side of the block assembly by the carbs
  • 335195 which is on each head
The numbers on the heads seem to cross to 1991, but I need to figure out what motor mounts to use - or if nothing else what it is so I can sell it.  The credit card company has been of no value so I am screwed if I cannot figure this out.

If anyone knows how to tell what the powerhead is I would greatly appreciate it.

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