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I am trying to install a power tilt and trim to a 1986 100 hp johson engine model number SJ100TEMLH. I removed the manual lift and added the power unit. It fit fine between the side brackets and bolted in with no problem.

However when I tilt it down the ends of the trim rods hits the swivel bracket that the engine mounts to. The trim rods line up perfectly with the two bolt holes left that the old manual tilt unit was attached to. But the are to small in diameter for the trim rods to fit through. Do I have the wrong power tilt and trim unit? Do I need to replace the swivel bracket? ( i hope not!) I could drill out the two holes to increase the diameter. I rather not, but I don't see any great options here. Any suggestions?


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Hello there are stainless trim supports that need to be installed in holes of swivel housing

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