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steering is hard to turn left and right would like to know how to clean the steering cable at the motor

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Is this a cable and pulley system or a single cable teleflex system?


The former usually gets stiff from:

  • Helm (steering wheel) needs lubrication
  • Pulley bearings are degrading
  • Cables are rubbing/catching somewhere on the hull

If it is the latter, then this is what happens over time as the system ages. The cable breaks down inside -- no repairs are possible. Sometimes you can extend the life by greasing the extender at the motor end. You have to replace it. There's a kit with very good instructions that takes you through dismantling the old, hooking up to the helm and motor ends. Takes 2 people and about 1 hour.

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Hello I would fist disconnect link arm and verify engine is free. the teleflex cable is a tube inside a tube and can be removed by removing nut on cable and tapping cable out of tube.If frozen rotate cable round and round in place before trying to force out. the tube can be cleaned with a 5/8 drill bit or round wire brush. this system needs to be tacken apart cleaned and greased annually in salt water use. sometimes spraying rod with penertrating oil and working back and forth will help for short time . any questions call 631-514-1525 thanks Ralph

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