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This motor sat for 3 years then last year I tried to run it. It started right up and ran well on land. I replaced the water pump and hydrolic tilt and trim last year also. On the water the motor would stall when warm. It would not start right away and that was unusual. This motor always started easy. After letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes it would restart.

I brought it to a shop and they said it was blown with bad compression and it was too old for them to work on. No $ to do anything last year so I put it away again.

This year I started reading these boards so I decarbonized the motor. Then I checked the compression...I read 110 on 3 cylinders and 105 on the last one...that does not sound like blown compression to me. I put in new plugs and wires also.

I inspected everything and I noticed that the tube that connects the oil feed from the VRO tank to the VRO pump was actually so brittle it was cracked into 2 pieces. I replaced it with a clear tube and pumped the bulb at the tank up hard and kept pumping it but I never saw any oil in the tube. I ran the motor for less than a minute and again no oil in the tube. Does this mean a new VRO pump is needed? Could this be the reason for the stalls last year also? I had the motor running for an hour last year and if there was NO oil at all wouldn't that have froze the motor? Could the hose from the tank have a clog in it?
I think the mechanic broke the tube in the shop when I brought it in last year but who knows for sure?

I saw somewhere something about a powerpack...what is that and would it cause this type of problem

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i have an 89 140 vro that I removed the oil pump from.  you have to then mix the oil and gas, but no problem.  

If the carbs have fuel, and the motor has spark, it should run. 

I would eliminate the vro pump, which means you will need to change fuel pumps.  Find you a smaller shop that will work on the older motors.  No one wants to do anything now unless they can hook it up to a computer and let it tell them what is wrong.

If you start chasing the electrical, can get expensive in a hurry.  You might follow up with mastertech in florida
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Send me your email address and I will send you some documents in regards to testing like a pro , Power Pack the whole nine yards before you spend a cent more on this motor. As for the VRO 300 plus dollars for a replacement,  do the process of isolation plug the lube line and mix your fuel in a portable tank. If all you know the rest
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Hello sounds like fuel problem. the clear line damage happens with age. I would test run with 50 to 1 mix in tank and can test vro pump by squeezing primer bulb while running to see if engine stays running or is loosing prime from weak pump.

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