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I have a pair of 98 150 Fichts. Both are still running strong. Issue is with the port engine. She starts right up. No issue there. Warmed her up, ran through the back bay out to the inlet. Drifted through the channel fishing, both engines on, and the port engine shut down. Could not get it restarted. Fuel bulb was super soft. First trip, waited until I ran back home on 1 engine, port engine started right up. Before the second trip, swapped out the fuel bulb and changed the filters. Same issue. This time, waited until I was about halfway home to try and restart. Started up and ran home like a champ. Something is causing the fuel bulb to soften up and shut the flow of fuel down. Only shuts down while idling. I typically only have to sqeeze on the fuel bulb 5-6 times to get it hard. Seems like a lot more now and only on the port engine. Any help?
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