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I am new to the forum and I have an approximately 1978 Evinrude 60. I just got into boating but I am a motor guy as I have sleds, motorbikes, jeeps and the like so I can fix stuff and figure things out. But I have a quick question for the experts on the forums here.

I have used the motor about 4 times and the last time I noticed a small hole on the front of the leg about halfway down. It seems to be leaking oil and water and I can only assume that this is the leg oil? Anyway the hole is very small and symmetrical so I am wondering if there is a plug or something that fell out. Other than this small hole the motor runs great.

Do I need to worry about this as it seems that water would get in the leg which I can only assume would be bad? If so I am thinking I should change the oil in the leg but not having done this before could someone recommend a good spot to fins some nice concise instructions. I am planning a fishing trip with some buddies this weekend coming up so I would like to get it up and running by then.

Feedback would be very appreciated.
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The hole is suppose to be there. I'm not sure of it's purpose but it part of the water/exhaust system. The oil you are seeing is most likely unburnt oil from the fuel. As far as checking the lower unit oil there are two plugs upper and lower. To see if there is any water in the unit let it stand for a day or so with the motor inthe vertical postion. Next take out the lower plug(slotted screw on the bottom) and see if any water comes out. By leaving the top plug in it will kepp the fluid from runnung out quickly.

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