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does anyone here know much about slow mode. Johnson motor. I can avoid my motor shutting off by pressing my choke. Someone told me if your in "slow mode" for real you can NOT keep your boat running with the choke. true or false ?

p.s. i understand that pressing the choke is not what you want to do as slow mode is a feature for a reason but im trying to rule out if my boat motor is really in slow mode cause i can indeed keep it from shutting down by pressing choke
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Hello activating choke shows lean condition and would check carbs and high speed jets the slow system is ignition miss fire restricting rpm to  2500 rpm and is not affected by activating choke

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Also, When your in slow mode your warning horn should be sounding. If not then you are not in slow mode or your warning horn is bad.

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1. Use a temperature probe and verify that the engine is not overheating.

2. Disconnect the tan temperature wire from the pack and retest. If the engine now performs properly, replace the temperature switch.

3. Make sure the tan temperature switch wire is not located next to a spark plug wire.

4. Disconnect the VRO sensor from the engine harness and retest. If the engine performs correctly, replace the VRO or sensor.

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