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Hi there I have a Johnson 91 VJ200sleid When I first start out the boat will climb out of the hole very fast and plane nicely after a short time the RPM's drop and the motor shakes and wont power up over I will say over 2300 RPM's, I have replaced power head fuel pump power pack timing base plug es Primer bulb. and primer check valves and hoses.after it sits for ten or fifteen minutes shut off . I can start it up and jump on the gas and it will climb out of the hole and go like crazy for a few minutes and do the same thing over again. Is this motor going into slow mode and why?



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Hello sounds like engine is in slow mode. try disconnecting tan leads at cylinder heads to see if engine runs over 2500. you will also need to verify if warning horn works as it should sound when engine activates slow mode.

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Thanks for your responce I checked it out today, I didn't run it unpluged though. I tested the alarm by grounding the brown wire. and then noticed that when I was moving the wiring in the temp sensor the alarm was sounding with the motor off not running.And I used an ohmmeter and I have a connection through both wires to ground when I jiggle them with the engine cold. This is the sensor with two wires. I think that this one has two functions right.  I 've been looking for the cause of this problem for a couple of months and fifteen hundred dollars later. I just bought the boat in early July, It's my first bass boat.I hope I got a good deal on it.

   Thank you

   David  Ramey 

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I would like to say Thank you Outboardwizard for the lead inthe direction of the temp sensor that was my problem the whole time. I replaced both sensors yesterday. I took the boat out today and it run like a dream , Climbing out of the hole like a shot. I've had this boat in the shop three times and the mechanic told me he fixed my problem each time. 1500.00 bucks later i fixed it myself for 110.00 dollars. Boy did they see me coming. Monday Im gonna have a long talk with that guy.I am sure he don't know what he's doing. For sure.What a great Form you guys have going.

    Thank You very much

            David Ramey

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