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I was hoping for some advice on purchasing a new Prop; here are the details of my boat. It's a 1985 VIP 19'  fish and ski, model unknown, with a 200hp mariner (serial # 648*****). It has had a Turbo stainless steel 3bl with 14 1/4 dia and 24p engraved on the side. Was put on right after the boat was purchased. Information on this boat and engine are very hard to find, VIP only made a few of this particular haul and there must have not been many of these mariners. The boat pulls a skier and plains amazingly quick with this prop. Top speed is just about 66-67gps with very light load @ about 6200rpm. I was told in the past it would run closer to 80 but who knows.. The boat runs very high out of the water and shoots a pretty mean rooster tail with this prop. I'd like to get an additional prop for better top end and will keep this one for skiing. Where should this engine run WOT (I've been told this was a high revving motor and used to run up to 6600rpm) and what kind of prop would still give me good plain but higher top end. 
Andrew Price
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