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  I have a 1957 Evinrude 18hp Fastwin Model # 15020. I just got through replacing the seals in the lower unit and plug wires on the motor. After putting it back together I started it and it ran for about 5 seconds and quit. I pulled the top off and found it had sheared the keyway on the flywheel ( which was my fault for not cleaning the shaft first). I replaced it abed fired it up again and once again it ran for a few secs and then quit. Sheared keyway...Is it possible that the flywheel nut is loosening up due to the flywheel settling in or is there some other reason that I am missing here?




"Edit"  I replaced the keyway and after running the motor for a few Min's I re-torqued the flywheel nut. But I have a new problem, . The motor will run good for about 30 sec's then start cutting out. Plus I noticed that the exhaust seems to have a lot of smoke coming out of it. I was told the motor uses a 24:1 mix of oil and gas. If the oil is mixed to heavy in to the gas will this cause the smoke and the rough engine after running a little while?

Thanks again

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