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Tried to replace the broken drive shaft pin for the impeller last night. Gear case was very difficult to remove, my manual was not much help. Removed the bolts, disconnected the shift linkage, and tapped the gear case loose, drive shaft (vertical) was left connected to power head. Now, I have fed the shaft back into the waterpump impeller, and lined up the keyway. The water tube is lined up and seated. The shift shaft is not connected yet, but is shifted up and not blocking anything. The vertical drive shaft seems to be engaged in the pinion, since the props moves as if it is in gear. But, I cannot get the gear case that last little 1"-1.5" top bolt it back on.
I am guessing the drive shaft must be engaged in the pinion gear, but will not seat fully. I think I probably have to disassemble the gear set to seat the drive shaft.
Any suggestions?
I was also unable to figure out how to remove the water tube from pump to replace the rubber seat.
Thank You,
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Hello If impeller key is in correct location for pump housing then shaft is in alll the way. if not gearcase will need to be disassembled to reset pinion.

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