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Hi everyone-


Just wanted to make you aware that due to "The Outboard Wizard" being at the height of his business season (Long Island, New York), response delays can be expected.


Usually the OBW completes responses from home after the shop closes...This time of year, many work days last 14-16 hours - Since the OBW answers all posts personally (his mechanics don't post replies), MB response delays can be expected.


If you have an urgent question/problem,

please call Ralph, The Outboard Wizard on his cell phone at 631-514-1525. 

I can't promise you he won't put you on hold for a minute, if he's busy with a customer or job (he does it to me all the time -...

but your questions are welcome and he truly enjoys helping out boaters with complicated problems.


Thanks for your patience.

Happy boating-


Webmaster/Asst. to The OBW


BTW, Any replies/answers posted by MB members may NOT have been reviewed by Ralph, therefore use caution in following advice posted by others.

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