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I have a problem with my 1974 Johnson 50hp. When started and put into gear it stalls (worseso in reverse). When eased into gear it stalls every time but when powerered on immediately it runs fine. I have tried adjusting idle mixtures (was told to keep them very lean), checked the timing and plugs (nice chocolate brown colour when chopped at idle), reset linkages (carby and timing) and performed a compression test (both nearly identical at 152). It seems to start and run well on the earmuffs but runs poorly in the water (engine hunts and idle is unstable). The problem seems to be worse when the engine is warm. I was told it could be pistons but the compression test seems to give the impression otherwise. The motor had new rings and bearings 4 trips ago. I have recently purchased the boat and am keen to see the problem rectified.





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Hello you can try richening low speed jets but some of these model engines had worn piston skirts that cause poor idle and will need to run at highier idle to prevent stalling.

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