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After reading the various problems concerning the oil injection systems on some outboards,I am thinking of eliminating mine on my 2005 Johnson 40 hp 2 stroke.Has anyone here have thoughts on whether to do this? I grew up on pre-mixing so its not a big hassle to do.Has anyone here eliminated theirs?If so what is the correct procedure to eliminate the system?I have been told that a dealer has to do it??? Thanks in advance.

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Hello If tank is maintained very few no oil failures. the vro fuel pump can be run with premix and only need to plug oil line feeding pump and disconnect 4 wire harness at pump to eliminate warning horn sound. a factory rubber cap is available to plug at pump oil in. usually clipped on hose near pump 

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I know that through my experience over the past couple years that VRO has cost me two engines because of failure and the warning horn didn't function. First motor wound up with 3/4 a gallon of water in it that couldn't be seen for the fact that oil floats! This is just after taking to a local outboard shop to have some routine maintenance done which it only had 1/4 of gallon of oil in it when I took it and I thought he filled the tank with oil to be able to tank test the motor. ( Seemed fishy to me but the mechanic denied tampering with the oil tank) An old man I bought an evinrude from last year to replace that one, told me he always disables them on every motor he rebuilds. He called them a VERY RARELY OILS pump. I have heard praise of them and hatred for them and after this last pop that's gonna cost me $3,000 plus to get a powerhead for my 96 Johnson 200 Venom, which I just bought along with a boat a month ago. That VRO seemed to work fine at idle but I had no way to test at WOT which is where it seemed to have allowed my engine to have a deadly failure. I will mix my own gas from here on out.

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