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Hello all!!


I am brand new to this forum, and will be grateful for the response I get.  I have a doozie....


1985 Johnson GT150



1985 Ranger 350V


The "VR" is bad on my engine.  My question is this, can I do without it??


1) Can I disconnect all of the leads from the VR and just leave it where it is?  (I realize this will disable my charging circuit, but as far I as I know, this will only mean that my crank battery will not recharge while I am underway.  The VR has been bad for a year and has not be charging my battery and I have never had a dead crank battery regardless of how much I have used it.  I only make day trips to the lake and run my engine for a total of 20 minutes and start it maybe 5 times.  All of my electronics are powered off my trolling batteries)


2) Can I run my tachometer (OMC #174206) off of the AC power from my stator (yellow/gray wire) rather than on the DC power VR?  (My tach hasn't worked for a year, that is how I knew to check my VR and realized it was bad.)


I just want to 1) avoid replacing my VR and 2) get my tach to work.  Is this possible?







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Hello I would replace regulator rectifier as the tach circut helps with oil injection warning system and would not use stator leads for tach

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