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Hi,I have a 1975 75 HP evinrude engine that requires a rebore. Model 75543-B Serial Number J0002029


The parts manual that I have advise that a +0.30 piston is serial number 386316 and the ring is 385809, which I am advised by evinrude is no longer manufactured.

The pistons that I have removed from the engine (bore size is original 3.000")have two different numbers (2) are 320645 (these both had broken rings) and (1) 319295 (this one was perfect) which begs the question, were they compatable?


In 1975 evinrude changed upgraded the models and i fear that this is were it got lost.


I am trying to find out what serial numbers superceded / replaced these numbers (even if its an aftermarket Manufacturer!) as I can find no record on any website with any of these numbers.




Thanks in advance!

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Hello I have .030 pistons  and rings p/n 396583 available and all other parts needed for repair to check stock call 631-991-4491 or 631-514-1525

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