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I was hoping someone here could help me out with this boat motor. 1992 Evinrude 25 horse, electric start, new plugs, new fuel line with new filter, fresh gas and full tank of gas. Ok, this is my situation. The motor is stalling out at full throttle like it is not getting gas or its sucking in too much air. But it doesn't do this until after about 30 seconds of wide open throttle. If I back the throttle down to about 90%, it will run normal. then when I go back to full throttle it won't take long and the motor will stall out again. It starts up like normal, idles great and can troll slowly with no problems.

Any ideas?


Thank you!

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I have a 91 20 hp that does the same thing.  There is an overheating safety that will make the engine run on 1 cylinder until it cools down, but I checked the sensor and it works.  I even unplugged the sensor (brown wire coming from teh cylinder head cover) and it still does it.  If you find out what the cause is let me know.  Paul 

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Hello sounds like lack of fuel I would try squizzing primer boulb while running or spraying fuel in carb when engine starts to die to see if lack of fuel. the choke primer can also be activated by pushing in key while running which will bypass carb and send extra fuel to engine. If choking helps pick up RPM then lean on fuel or resticted carb is the problem.

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