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I have accumulated several different v4 lower units of the mid to late 80's vintage.  Some are loopers and some or crossflows and some may be 3 cylindrs.  There are several different shift rods with these lower units.  Some have a curve forward which I understand is crossflow v4 and v6.  Some have a have a double bend to the front which I believe to be looper.  Some have a double bend to the left which should be 3 cylinder.  Others have a double bend to the front combined with a angle to the left.  My question is there a easy way to determine which lower unit fits which engine, either through the size of the cavitation plate, the shift rod design, or gear ratio?

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Hello I will need # off lower unit to idenify but most V-4 lowers are interchangable with a slight prop change any questions call 631-514-1525

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