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Hi from down under. I have a problem with a 1985 90Hp evinrude in that when it is parked up for a while it is hard to start and smokes a LOT.

Have been told it is a check valve in the OMC VRO pump assembly.

 Can anyone give me a exploded view of the pump? Also a good reliable supplier of part over there as I have been told I can only purchase the whole pump and not parts for it in Australia

.Any information can be emailed to

Thanking you as any information would be greatly appreciated.

The model No is AE90TLCUR    Serial A1355260


Ron Knapp

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Since last post I have had a look around the site and understand it a lot more.

 As stated before I have a problem and primarly want to know whether the VRO pump assembly is servicable and are parts available? Although the price listed by Outboard Wizard OMC Marine Shop would steer me to a complete unit.

Also would be interested in a workshop manual for same unit.

   1985 model 90HP Model AE90TLCUR  Serial A1355260



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The dealer only sells a rebuild kit. I am told it has only the rubber parts. I needed a oil piston and was unable to purchase it.

Hope this helps


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Hello I have repair kits available but in most cases the plastic housings distort due to high alcohol fuel and rebuilding will not work.

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