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Off-Season Storage

Simple Step-by-Step Instructions


Use the following procedure to properly prepare Jhonson and Evenrude outboards for extended of non-use. These steps are intended to protect the engine during storage and simplify the preseason servicing procedure.


  1. Stabilize the engine’s fuel supply with OMC 2+4 fuel conditioner. Add one ounce (30 ml) of OMC 2+4 fuel conditioner for every gallon (3,8 litres) of gasoline.


NOTE: Use a flushing attachment if you operate the engine on a trailer or dolly to prevent engine or water pump damage.


&When using a flushing attachment, always remove engine’s propeller before starting engine to prevent accidental contact with moving propeller.


  1. Run the engine at approximately 1500 RPM for five minutes to ensure that the entire fuel supply system and the engine’s carburetors are full of stabilized fuel.


  1. Prepare an engine “storage mixture” in a shop V6 six-gallon gas tank, P/N 397767. The mixture should include:


    • Five gallons fuel.
    • Two quarts OMC Storage Fogging Oil
    • One pint Evinrude or Johnson Outboard Lubricant
    • One pint OMC 2+4 fuel conditioner


  1. Connect the tank containing the “storage mixture” to the engine. Leave the oil supply line connected to the engine. Run the engine on the “storage mixture” at approximately 1500 RPM for five minutes. OMC Adapter, P/N 398339, can be used at the fuel inlet nipple on the lower cover.


Note: DO NOT disconnect fuel line or VRO equipped engines out of fuel. Disconnecting fuel line while engine is running could cause excessive oil consumption and eventual hard starting.


  1. Stop engine and remove all spark plugs. Spray a liberal amount of OMC Storage Fogging Oil into the spark plug holes.


  1. Turn Flywheel in a clockwise direction to distribute the fogging oil throughout the cylinders. Install and torque the spark plugs.


  1. Prevent accidental starting during storage; leave spark plug leads off all of the spark plugs.
  2. If engine is equipped with a portable fuel tank, disconnect fuel hose from engine and tank.


&Avoid fire or explosion hazard; store all portable fuel tanks in a well ventilated area, away from any open flames.


  1. If the engine is removed from boat, carefully store the special locknuts and lock bolts used to attach the remote steering, shift, and throttle systems with the engine. These fasteners are made of special materials to resist weakening and rusting. Do not substitute these fasteners with nuts and bolts which look the same. Using the wrong nuts and bolts may result in sudden unexpected loss of engine control.


  1. Inspect the entire boat steering system for damage due to corrosion, aging, lack of maintenance, or abuse. Inspect mechanical steering cables for deterioration or cracks. Inspect hydraulic steering models for fluid leaks or other external signs of problems. Follows equipment manufacturer’s maintenance and lubrication recommendations when servicing the steering system.


  1. Remove battery and check its condition, water level, and charge. Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Check the water level and charge periodically during storage.


  1. If equipped, service the boat fuel filter following instructions on canister. Clean and inspect VRO oil reservoir and VRO pickup filter. Replace filter if it is damaged or contaminated.


  1. Remove propeller and check for damage. A slightly bent propeller blade can hardly be noticed but will affect the performance of the engine. Clean and lubricate the propeller shaft with OMC Triple-Guard grease.


  1. Drain and refill gearcase. Lubricate engine.


  1. Check engine carefully. Make sure screws and nuts are tight. Replace damaged or worn parts.


&Make sure electrical and fuel system fasteners and clamps are tight and in good condition. Failure to do so may cause electrical sparks and fuel leakage under the engine cover. Fire and explosion could occur.


  1. Replace engine cover. Use touch-up paint where needed. Coat all outside painted surfaces of engine with automotive wax.


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