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I have a 95 Boston Whaler Rage15 that ran fine, sat for 2 months and now i have no spark on any of the 4 plugs. The kill switch is working and grounds are good. I don't see any shorts or sparks anywhere else.

Motor turns over fine.There is a constant beep when key is on and from time to time i hear three seperate beeps. Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this problem?

jason sutton
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Hello try key switch elimination by disconnecting black wire with yellow stripe at power pack and check for spark with tester or spare plugs installed . the warning horn will not affect starting and if soundtng with tan lead disconnected at horn replace horn.( any short or ground on tan lead will sound horn)can be verified by disconnecting tan lead at cylinder heads, vro fuel pump, oil tank sender, or fuel vaccum switch if supplied on your model.any questions call 631-514-1525

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