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Hi. I have a 14 foot AB Inflatables RIB. I just took a Mariner 25 hp off because I ordered an Evinrude E-Tec 50. It will be coming without a prop, so I need to figure out the best one to get. The boat weighs about 320 dry.  The 25 I had on it had a (I think) 13 1/4 inch by 11 pitch prop which would get it on a plane quickly and allowed me to run a top speed of close to 25. I sometimes carry three divers and all gear, would LIKE to pull skiers and tubes, and sometimes cruise with just one other person. I realize that no one prop will do all of those tasks well but I need to start somewhere. I will eventually buy two props. Does anyone have a recommendation for the first prop? I would prefer the first one to be the one for pullling and carrying heavier loads.





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