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I just changed out the VRO for no oil injection fuel pump I premix now at 50:1 but my first time out the engine in neutral revs great starts great but once I gun it to plan i can't get out over 2800 rpms without the engine revving to 300 and back to 2800 back and fourth, and later on way back to the dock it started to misfire at 1000 rpm's.  I found some crud in the water separator but none in the fuel inline filter- all gas is new- I'm hoping its a safety sensor -I'm going to check for fouled plugs but I'm at a loss- engine only has 240 hours and I cleaned the carbs and replaced all the gas prior to the fuel pump replacement.

Thanks for any and ll assistance .


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We will need to verify if engine is in slow mode by disconnecting the tan temp switch wire to see if engine goes over 2800 rpm any questions call 631-514-1525 thanks Ralph

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