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I have been having problems with my new 90 e-tech. The dealer is helping but............. They have tried a bunch of props. it now has a 15 pitch prop. 1st, i could not get the correct rpm's (5400-5500). They found the tach was reading low. it showed only 300 at idle. should be about 650-700. They replaced the tach and all was well for one test run. I was getting 5400 at WOT. Went out a few days later with wife and I only get 4350 at WOT. If I tilt the engine up, the rpm's go right up to 5400, but it sounds like the prop is coming out of the water and the boat slows down. I confirmed the prop is not out of the water. It almost seems like the water gets directed away from the prop or something like that. It seems to have great power and the speed is good. Is it possible that one of the spark plugs is fouled and it's only running on two? I think I am past the 5 hour double oiling. Throttle cable seems to open injectors all the way, or very close. My old very heavy 24 foot pontoon with a Merc 90 2-stroke would always go full rpm's with WOT. It had the same pitch and diameter prop I have now on new boat. Thank you

22 foot sweetwater pontoon
new 90 horse evinrude e-tech
somerset, ky
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Hello I would try hydrus prop which helps with slipiage on pontoon boats

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