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I have just bought my first boat at the age of 32, had it for less than a week and I already have a problem. The motor/power-block was replaced by the previous owner between 10-15 years ago and there is no trace of what size power-block was put on in place of the original, no serial NO.  no  model NO. nothing. I would just like to find out what year/years this could be so I could purchase a Repair/Wiring manual, as the real problem is that all the wires are so brittle and have fallen apart, so I don't know what goes were. The boat motor was a 1972 65hp it has 3 cylinders, 1 coil, and one OMC amplifier assembly (part no. 389549 12v. neg. ground) WABASH. I have pictures to send of the motor but the files are to big sorry.Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide me.


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Hello engine model sounds like 1972 65 hp is correct and this is the last year of this ignition. this design was used between 1969 to 1972 with hydroelectric shift

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