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Hello all, I have a 1987 Evinrude 6hp model# E6RCUD. I have been trying to find a new powerhead either form a 6 hp or 8 hp. I've looked on ebay and no luck. The engine threw a rod through the block and I hate the thought of throwing the engine out. If anyone has a powerhead please feel free to email me @ Thanks, Kevin

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Thanks to the people that wrote back with powerheads. I feel better knowing I wont have to trash a nice engine.

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Sorry I missed your request last month,

if you're still looking for a powerhead for 1987 Evinrude 6 hp, I just got one - used - price $300 -

Right now I have about 75 used and rebuilt powerheads in shop  -

Looking to sell (below cost) need space for shipments coming in.

Give me a call if interested



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