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I have a 1979 35hp evenrude I have replaced the entire water pump[impeller,cup,housing ,wear plate,etc] first time out when I started it had better flow at the pee hole than ever,for about 2 min.then it got speratic then it quit. Then I repaced the thermostat,seal and retainer. Now I get nothing.I have checked water pump and can find nothing wrong. please help!

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It doesn't take much to plug the passage to the tell tale stream.  This is something I have done with success.  It may be plugged right at the plastic hole. If not take some air pressure and back blow it through the pee hole.  You may need to disconnect the hose to do it.

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If the air pressure doesn't clear it then it is probable that some blockage is taking place in the water "veins' or passageways you may have to remove the cooling jackets and clean these passageways and engine that old often will have fragments of impellers from years past. did the old impeller that you replaced have indication of missing pieces, or just excessively worn , if so those fragments have likely found their way into the cooling passages
hope your engine is clean because most of the old ones have never had the jackets removed and wringing off the heads of the retaining bolts is common, go easy, lots of PB blaster
One last "Maybe"   just the other day I started my 89 Johnson 115hp for a preliminary before going to the river and having run it fine Just 3 days prior, no pee stream, I was amazed, just hoping I started it again a few minutes later and with no stream still I pinched the end of the pee tube and out shot a mud clog ,  after which , all was fine, but that clog completely stopped the stream,the mud wasps are brutal enemies of pee tubes and open spark plug holes,
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