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i have a115 1979 evenrude out board when i first run it for about the first 20min or so it does good but after that it starts missing and has no power      had carbs rebuilt and new plugs and new gas lines any suggestions on how to fix problem?

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Often the power pack unit will overheat causing poor or no spark. I've read that tapping on the power pack can sometimes make it screw up or temporarily run better.  Take a timing light or some other form of tester to verify a strong and consistant spark on all cylinders when it starts to screw up.

I would run it till it screwed up and quickly inspect the spark plugs.  Perhaps some are extra wet from poor spark.  Could take an extra spark plug and put it on various spark plug wires when it's running poorly to check for strong and consistant spark.

If you have more than 1 power pack and find the plugs on one side are wet could swap packs to see if problem moves.
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Is your overheat warning horn working?

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Grab a flashlight and loop up under your flywheel, Observe is you see brown sticky melting stuff dripping of the Stator looks like you have a bad stator !
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