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1985 90 hp evinrude
weird stuff happening
has always started by givin some throttle...pushing in key....turning over till it trys to start...then turning it over without choke till it quits trying to start...push key in again and usually fires up.
lately try and it turns over like no fuel...tilt the motor up a little and it fires off....any ideas??
also at the same time problem in the lake while 1/2 tto full throttle anywhere in there it will just bog down..kinda like out of gas but more like putting hand over carb (like in a car)cutting off air...throttle back to idle and it is fine.
It might start working immediately or sometimes have to idle around for a while...might work rest of day or it might do it every 5 minutes. Last time instead of thtrottling down, I left it and it would bog and try to go ..bog  and try to go  and whiule watchin gan listening I was hearin a click in there everytime....hope thats a hint to you. Only thing I kow that clicks there is the choke like maybe it is causing it somehow. I am not sure it is working right because of the way it is startying anyway, could that be it..any way to check?
it clicks when i try it but whether it is doin the right stuff inside ,I dont know
Well Thanks for the ear

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From my experience the clicking noise you are hearing is coming from the VRO/fuel pump. They will do this when you are sucking air. You may have a bad oring in the fuel connection to the motor. When you tip the motor up it changes the angle a little on the connection enough to make it stop sucking air. Maybe try a different hose.

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