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Greetings Johnson experts!
I just acquired a nice, low hour, good compression 115 2 stroke  (J115VLSIG) and would like to do a "full feature" install on my bare bones Tahiti hull. The hull is 1969 and had 1970 Evinrude 115 V4 installed (electric shift)

I have basic understanding of the newer OMS (Oil Mixing System) and OMC System Check. I have some questions about correct install. I have already considered auto oil system delete and decided I'd like to keep the system intact. I am aware of the typical weak points (air leaks in oil lines and water in tank) and possible risk (engine seizure from lack of lube)

Do I need a "System Check compatible" (8 pin connector) Tachometer? Or is that only if I want the system check indicators built in to my Tach? I know I need "System Check" indication panel at minimum.

Do I need stand alone warning horn? I have ordered Teleflex CH 1752 controls and new cables. I don't believe it has warning horn installed.

Do I need specific Oil Tank for this motor or will any OMC tank with 2 pin black and tan low level sensor connector work?

I assume the motor will not have a problem with fuel supplied by 12 VDC auto electric fuel pump?

thank you for any help you can offer!

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