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I'm getting milky residue out of prop hub.  Resealed lower unit and it's still happening.  Pulled off cylinder hub and gasket looks good.  Where do I look next?  Suggestions please.  Thanks.

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Hello milky residue is normal . if gear oil is clean the oil you see is 2 cycle oil from engine.

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The milky residue has 2 sources: 1) Unburnt fuel mixed with water will drip down from inside the exhaust tower. This is more prevalent with cold engines (on choke) or those run in cold water. 2) From the lower unit, coming out a seal - propshaft, rear hub carrier, driveshaft, shift shaft or filler screw.


To test which one you have, remove the bottom lower unit fill screw and let a little fluid leak out. If you get a gush of water or milky-gray oil, then the problem is your lower unit. Old farts like myself can tell just by smelling the residue - if it has a sulfur odor, then it's lower unit lube.


If you have #1, consider that you may have the low speed mix a little rich.

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