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Thanks for the information you supplied to my previous post. I checked the actuator on the 40hp evinrude ( Model No. AE40ELCEC) and found the actuator cable had frozen.

I managed to raise the leg slightly and undid the knurled nut at the bottom of the housing. I put a screwdriver in a slot on that screw thread and by manipulating the actuator I was able to raise and lower the leg.

I noticed the cable at the top of the actuator had frozen-so when the handle on the starbord side of the motor was moved either to raise or lower the leg, the plastic loop at the end of the cable that goes over that handle's nut, had broken.

Do you have to replace the whole actuator cable or is it possible to buy the top section?- (the steel rod and plastic loop section).

After undoing the knurled nut at the bottom of the actuator I couldn't pull the actuator cable out of the housing-is there a particular way it comes out?


There doesn't appear to be any problem with the hydraulic lift.




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Hello the cable is sold as an assy and only the plastic end by handle can be replaced. I have all parts needed in stock.

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