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1972 50 hp Evinrude #50273C w/electric starter & electric shift box(remote)
I am a novice boater,so sorry for the drawn out question ahead of time. A starter mount(top) busted off my motor and vibrated all the starter bolts loose so when I tried to start it the "Drive Assembly" shattered into a few pieces. I tried wrapping a rope around the fly wheel,but it was way to hard,I just couldn't turn it fast enough. I was told that on newer motors there is a "Decompression Switch" to allow you to pull start. Can you please tell me what I have to do to pull start the motor so I can get it back to my slip, and have the mount welded. I am also having problems finding the "Drive Assembly"(part #0384781) at local marinas(Tonawanda,NY) I would deeply appreciate any help you can offer.
Thank You,
Bob Sr
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