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Helping a guy get a boat out of pawn and we need to find a service manual for the motor.  I had the pawn guy tell me the model number, but I have never seen this type of model number and I wonder if it isn't right. 


It is a 140 HP Johnson Seahorse on an 82 Kingfisher Bass Boat.  The model number he gave me was DFAL78C.  I looked that up and could not find anything on it. 


Anyone know how I can find a service manual on this? 


Also, if I don't have a manual, what would be the oil to gas mix on this type of motor, or would that depend on the size of the tank?


I am new to outboards and don't have a clue about how to treat them.  Should I get it serviced after it is out of pawn, and how much would that cost a guy? What all do they do when they service one anyway?  Is there something I can do myself?


Thanks in advance, new to this board.


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I need to know what should be the compression in my 1987 evinrude 140 hp?

thanks henry seamon

need to know the right compression of 1987 evivrude 140 hp
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