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Hi I have a 1973 Terry Base boat with Johnson 50, Model # 50ES71 S. The engine has just over 300 original hrs on it but has sat for 5 + yrs and I know impeller needs to be replace. I removed all bolts even the hidden one but cant get lower to come loose. I have looked at a Manual for location of (I guess a pin) and cannot find it. I was told to look under and behind carbs for it but just cannot find anything that resembles it. Someone told me if it has automatic shift ?? that it would be different than a manual shift. If it has a shift lever wouldn't it be a manual shift ?. Sure would like to get the impeller replaced before the end of summer, lol. Thanks

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Hello look for cable that has sleeve on it with blue and green marking on starboard side in lower pan and disconnect knife connector under rubber sleeve and guide wire down when removing lower unit.these hydro electric shift gearcases will be if forward when not running. 

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