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We run a watersports company on Aruba and are battling to find spare parts for a Johnson outboard anywhere in the USA. The Johnson site is not user friendly.

Can anyone advise on where to find side and front mounts for the following motor:

Johnson Model # J25RL5DA

Year: 2004


ANY help is much appreciated



Nicky (Mike's wife and business partner)


P.S. I have a shopping list of Mercury spare parts we need too, but these I am not having so much of a problem sourcing. A good new supplier, however, is something I am always seeking.

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Dear Nicky,


This message board is for techical help.


You might want to email/call The Outboard Wizard directly for information on buying parts.  631-991-4491


I know he sometimes ships outside the US (he decides on a case-by-case basis).


If you have any questions involving outboard motor, repair, maintenance, servicing...

feel free to post again on this board.




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Hello I have most johnson parts in stock and can special order merc and other problem shipping ups

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