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Hi friends
I have posted in the past again and you had helped me for all the problems I had.

Now I have this problem
I have a Jonhson 40hp 1996 vro engine

The truth is that I use this engine not very often
I have a stange problem to me it seams it is fuel problem, you know much better

My engine on the console in the rpm instrument, it has four leds to check the engine like no oil, low oil ,hot, etc, all the leds are off , when I switch the engine on, the buzzer, and the alarm leds make the usually routine, all on and then one by one goes off.

When I use the engine in low speed about 2000- 2500 rpm 7-10 miles I have no problem.

When I have the engine full throttle 4000-5000 rpm 22- 27 miles ( it is on a 4 meters boat ) it is running very smooth, and after 3 to 6 minutes suddenly it seams that the engine has no gas, and it is starting to stop. and after a while it stoppes. When I try to start it it won't start easilly, I have to press the bulb on the tank, press the choke , and after 2 minutes it is running again very nice
I remind you the alarm leds are always of ( no alarm )

When the problem starting to happen, when I use the trottle from idle to max sometimes I have in max trottle and the rpm of the engine doen't increase

It seams to me that it is fuel problem, and when the engine needs more fuel in 4500-5000 rpm causes the problem

The oil is in a separate tank, the spark plugs are new, nom leaks in the engine ( oil or fuel )

Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance
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