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I have a 1985 johnson 90 hp that starts fine but shuts down.  It seems like im losing fuel pressure.  When I squeeze the bulb before the engine dies, it runs strong and doesn't die.  I replaced the fuel filter already but that still didn't work.  Does that have anything to do with the VRO system.  Cause I have a short I believe because my horn sounds continuously even if the motor isn't running.  I hope there's oil mixing in with the gas.
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First off before anything else fix your oil alarm buzzer. This is your lifeline. Where is your boats fuel vent located? If you have an internal tank you might be getting water in your fuel. These buzzers will go off if water is in the fuel. I know on Merc's there is an internal fuel water separator. I imagine the same on OMC’s. Check this and if you have an external fuel water separator check that as well. When water gets into fuel the motor wants to die under idling conditions so you have to throttle down or force fuel into the motor to keep it running. I would drain these and give it another try. Sounds to easy but this happens a lot. Also they make waterproof fuel tank vents called P-Traps (Atwood). Just my two-cents. Naiscoot

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