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hi.i have a johnson 40 twin 2 stroke electric sea horse,(60,s or early seventies).it has always been very reliable until it came loose while out on the bay.the motor shifted sideways,which lifted the prop out of the water,.the engine reved high for a second or two before cutting it wont fire up at all,turns over good but not a single fire.i believe they have a cut out switch wich cuts the engine at very high revs with no resistance from the this so?and how do i reset the switch?what does it look like?how do i find it?the motor did not enter the water at all.

if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.....thanks..Darryl

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It has a vacuum cutout switch which prevents overreving. Look for a tube coming from the reed/intake block to a solenoid-shaped device with wires that lead to the mag. That's your culprit.

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Hello I would check engine for sheared flywheel key . the vaccuum cut out will only affect 1 cylinder and not prevent starting.any questions call 631-514-1525 thanks Ralph

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