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I have a 1988 Johnson 20hp outboard (J20ECCA). Last year, it would stall in idle once it was warmed up.  So, looking to start this year off in better shape, I decided to rebuild the carb and fuel pump.

Since doing so, I cannot keep the engine running.  It starts, idles for about 20 seconds then dies out.  I assume that the engine is starving for fuel after the 20 second run.

I have confirmed that the electric primer (and hand priming) is supplying fuel.  I disconnected the priming hose from the top of the carb and confirmed flow. Could it be that I am only receiving fuel to the carb through the primer?

What would be the other likely reasons?  I assume that I may have rebuilt the fuel pump incorrectly.  How would I check for appropriate fuel pump operation?  The carb rebuild kit had a new float.  Where can I find the correct float setting for this engine?  Any other ideas?

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If pumping the fuel line bulb hepls ut keep running it's a fuel pump problem. As far as float level, when you have the bowl off hold the carb upside down abd the float should be level with the body of the carb.   Mike

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