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Hello all, I am new to this board & my boat (1994 Wellcraft Coastal 238), but from what I see so far, this is a great site.  If anyone is familiar with my engine, 1994 Johnson Ocean Runner 225, J225TXER I have a few problems that need to be addressed.  I have some mechanical abilities, however, not with outboards, but I want/need to learn so here looks like a good start.


1.  At first, when it went in reverse it made a clunk sound, forward is smooth.  It later would not go in reverse, sounded like something was spinning freely.  The marina adjusted the cable (to the end, last adjustment on cable) for me and it now seams to force it in reverse, does not sound right.  I have been told I need to replace the clutch dog.  I checked the gear oil but do not know what I am looking for other than some small amounts of tiny metal particles.  The oil looked light in color.  The water pump worked fine.  I figure if I have to open her up for the clutch dog, I might as well rebuild her.  The lower unit was last rebuilt by its previous owner in 2000 (have receipts from marina service center).  To what degree should I rebuild her, replace all gears, seals & water pump or something else.  I purchased both the original OMC parts & service manuals.  Is there any tricks, special tools or items I need to be aware of?


2.  I have noticed the engine does smoke more than most 2-stroke motors and have read of problems with the VRO.  I used the motor all last year and it appeared to run fine, except some times it takes longer to start her up when its cold or sitting long/drifting.  It always gives off a large white puff on start-up, appears to get a little better after a long run.  I use a Pennzoil synthetic blend.  Should I replace the VRO with a better version or have it removed and premix the fuel & oil?  I have heard of some tricks with pumping up the oil & fuel primer.  Is there an air leak I need to look for and replace a seal?


3.   In the summer I noticed the tilt was slowly falling down if I did not check on her during the week, by the next weekend I would find the out-drive partly in the water.  The tilt motor looks very corroded, but work fine.  Occasionally I did see some small trace amounts of fluid (not sure if its hydraulic steering or tilt fluid) in the transom/swim platform, is the problem most likely a result of a tilt leak or bad motor or both?  Can the seals be easily replaced in the tilt unit and can the tilt motor be replaced without taking the engine off?   


Thanks for any help and pointers!

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Hello I would first try adjusting shift rod to get more reverse by turning shift rod 3 turns counterclockwise. the smoke problem is most likely leak in vro pump and will need replacing. the manual release valve should be checked for tightness or any leaks in system to repair tilt leak down

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