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Hi all,

I have a 70s Johnson 135 and one of the cylinders is down in compression (@90 PSI while the other three are at 140 PSI). It still runs, but it won't idle for long, and won't maintain speed with the throttle wide open. I opened the head and discovered that the piston is damaged and there is slight scoring visible in the cylinder. I have found a 70s 85hp powerhead for sale which is apparently in good shape with good compressions and is going cheap. Can I take out my powerhead and put the 85 hp in? My understanding is that the 85hp - 135hp motors from '73-'77 were nearly identical.

If it is possible, I intend to do the job myself as an alternative to rebuilding the 135hp. I don't really need the power of the 135hp anyway.

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Hello if 85 hp powerhead includes carbs it can replace 135

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