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Hello everyone and ralph,

got a good one.....of course on this rebuilt motor,I am having some more problems....let me explain.the motor seems to be missing. but I don't think it is spark or gas.....could be. when i throttle up the motor misses and it almost seems like i am striking something on the bottom with the prop. eventually it will straighten out. Then after an idle or after anchoring on a restart I took off at 2200 rpm mashed the throttle and it just stayed there, no increase in power or rpms. I left it mashed and after about 30 seconds it started to try to pick up....while it was trying I was getting the same symptons like the prop hitting something or missing... it eventually came up to 3200 rpms. once at this rpm the motor does not     My previous motor was a 90 hp johnson. this is a rebuilt 115 motor on my lower end and it does not tach up to 4500 like the 90 did and it seems to have alot less power same boat same basically every thing.. any help on this thanks..

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have the power pack checked it can  be the power pack stator or the coil or coils my guess is the power pack it sounds like a bad connection inside the pack

i have a 99 200 ocean runner when the motor warms up i can not get full thorttle i used to get 5400 rpm now i only can get 4500 and some times it will just kick in and then out again plugs good fuel good comperssion 95 to 100 all fuel filter good sepator new plugs new i feel maybe power pack or coils if u think i am in the right area how do i check i am very motor smart with cars anyway so i can relate to some stuff thank u jason
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Hello On most engines with misfires the pack will usually cure the problem. the stator should be checked first for leaky coils and resistance readings ok on brown and brown yellow wires from stator. the Orange wires on pack to coil connection should be checked for corrosion.

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