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I recently had my Johnson 115 out board rebuilt by a marine mechanic. First never pick up your boat with out a run test in your presence. The marine shop was located 125 miles from my residence. Any way, I picked it up and was not able to hear it run. Long story short, I got the rig ready for at test on the river which is 3 minutes away from my house. i launched the boat got it in the water and it would not start. @#$$$#@. As you can imagine I was sick to my stomach and very upset. I got a good price on a poor job, I thought. I contacted the mechanic and he said it was running fine yesterday. Bring it back and i will make it good. Another 125 miles to and a weekend of fishing ruined. I jumped on the Internet and came across this sight. I spoke to Ralph and he had the motor running in 2 minutes.....2 minutes unbelievable. If your motor will not start check the red lever located on the choke assembly. This is located on the linkage side to the rear. make sure the red lever is completely in line with the assembly. mine was facing the opposite way in the open position. As soon as I turned it the correct way it fired right up. I am a very happy camper. Ralph saved my weekend plus a good tongue thrashing to mechanic. In addition, the motor was trying to start when it would fire the starter disengaged making it more frustrating. Hope this helped check your electric choke assembly lever first and cuss later. Hope this helped.

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