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I have a v-6 1990 150 outboard and I need to know how to replace the impeller. Do you have any info? Thanks!

rickey brownlow
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Remove bolts attaching lower unit to main engine body.  There usually is a bolt that has to be removed on a shaft running vertically inside the cavity that does the shifting of the gears.  Sorry not sure where to find on your model - perhaps behind a small inspection cover higher up on the side.

The lower the lower unit and the drive shaft comes out with it.  The water pump containing the impeller surrounds the drive shaft.  Remove the top cover slowly to take note of the direction that the impeller arms are bent over in the cover.

Put new impeller in cover with the arms bent in the proper direction and slide in down the drive shaft and line it up with the key on the shaft.  And reassemble making sure to line up the shifter shaft and reinstall the bolt.
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