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I have a 95 JOHNSON 200 OCEAN RUNNER, the power head was rebuilt, compression is good, even on all 6 but it has never idled good, although runs great off idle. VRO is disconnected and running pre-mix. The carbs were taken apart and cleaned. I've been told that the idle circuit in the throttle bodies were computer adjusted when made and shouldn't be touched..mine were. I have a set of carbs off of a 94 Evinrude 200, idle adjustment on carb not the throttle body. Will these carbs and throttle bodies fit on my 95 200 hp ? and would it be any benefit to rebuild and install these on my motor?

Chandler K Barnatchez
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Hello carbs can be installed to see if idle improves. or spray fuel to see if engine picks up rpm I would inspect stator for leaking brown  sap from coils on stator .

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