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With my cover off the carburetors on my V6 1988 200 HP Evinrude, with the motor running at 2000 to 3000 RPM,, (not at idle) I notice that while the motor was running, that in one of the carburetor I could see it fire, (or spark) But in the rest of the carburetor everything seemed normal. What could cause this? For I know on a two cycle engine the piston is suppose to be up pass the intake ports before it fires, but this seems to fire at a delay or before top dead center. If timing was off, it looks like to me I would see fire in all of the carburetors. Does anyone have any suggestion? Thanks, Ira 

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Hello i would check reeds and gasket on reed cage for air leak causing lean condition.

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Hi, Thanks for your response. I checked the reed valves and they seemed to look find, I even held them up to the light and they seem to be sealing good. But I did notice that in that one carburetor on the reed valve housing that it looked a little burnt, not on the valve itself, but a burnt residue on the housing. The others looked find,, I checked the compression and all cylinders were the same 90-95 lbs. I Change the coil, wire, and plug, and still it's firing in that carburetor you can even hear it pop. it's not backfiring, it sound like a sparkplug when it fires, (a sharp tick) It does not do it at idle, just when it's rev up a little. Runs find at cruising speed.
I took the flywheel off and checked the magnets, there tight, the stator looks clean, the wires to the timing base looked good, no indication of burn. The only thing I saw that looked "not to be right", was that the wires going to the timer base from the powerpack were going thru a retainer (the retainer held the wires secure and out of the way from the flywheel)  
But with the wires going thru the retainer, it held them in a bind so that the timing base could not open all the way as you give the throttle.
It could open part of the way, but not all the way.
Other words: the wires were in a bind and keeping the timer base from moving all the way around. Now I don't know if this is the problem, but that is all I found that look to be wrong.
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